Our Latest Photo Safari

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Our Latest Photo Safari

Hello Everyone. This is our first blog about our new photographic art business. We are Andrea and Clayne Tylor, and together we are Artcentric.ca . This is a culmination of a long time love of the photographic arts and creating beautiful images. We also love road trips.

Well, Andrea and I were out this weekend on photo safari, and some needed time together. We think we have some great industrial images, and some interesting if not fascinating geology shots in the Cache Creek/ Chasm area of British Columbia. Have a look.



We stayed over night in Cache creek so we didn’t have to get up at 3 am to drive up to Savona to visit our friend Jerry Downy. General Manager of Savona Equipment in Savona BC, Jerry graciously allowed Andrea and I to wander around his large property containing used mining and industrial equipment so we could capture some interesting and abstract images to bring to you. We spent 2 hrs looking under and over all kinds of cool old stuff and had a blast doing it.






Carrying on north past Clinton on Highway 97 to Chasm.  We walked along the western edge of the chasm to get some great natural landscapes. The Chilcotin plateau was built partially by vast flood basalt events ending some 15 million years ago. The Chasm formed at the southern edge of the basalt flows near to where Clinton B.C. stands today. Approximately 12000 years ago at the end of the last ice age, melt water from retreating glaciers gouged out this now dry formation. Looking to the east side of the gorge you can see each basalt layer as though you are looking back deep in time of the past earth.

Driving back through Lillooet along Highway 99 and then south on Highway 12 to Lytton was also very impressive. Stopping in the Pavilion Mountain area near Marble Canyon, we were able to get some nice shots of more interesting geology.

We wanted to share with you part of our experience this weekend and show you some of our work. We have other trips planned this year some near some far, so stay tuned if you like our work and we will bring you lots more to look at.

Cheers till next time

Clayne and Andrea 



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    Lovely site, Wish you all the best
    What beautiful pictures!:)

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